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As management and employees of Can Automotive in order to supply and protect the environment we live in and to leave clean, healthy, peaceful and safe living space for all living creatures and future generations.;

  • To comply with all national and international legal requirements and regulations,
  • By establishing an environmental management system, maintaining it within the framework of a risk-based approach and improving it continuously,
  • Preventing or minimizing environmental damage throughout the product lifecycle, including processes from product design and development, production and meeting with the end-user and completing its life,
  • To reduce the consumption of natural resources that we use to carry out our activities, with all kinds of care, together with efficient working methods,
  • Prevention, reduction, and separation of all wastes and pollution at its source,
  • Along with keeping the awareness levels of our employees high, they also contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the system,
  • To set goals that are compatible with our environmental management system and review our performance in line with our goals,
  • We accept and undertake as the duty and responsibility to provide the necessary organization and allocate resources for the maintenance and improvement of the system.
Careful meeting of desing and quality
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