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Can Automotive accepts people as the most valuable asset in all of its works, adopts as a primary business target to minimize all losses and to continuously improve by creating a safer and healthier working environment,

  • Necessary precautions are taken to prevent possible accidents that may arise from the working environment; awareness of the subject is increased through education, awareness and communication activities.
  • By applying the "Occupational Health and Safety Management System", continuous improvement of our systems is ensured by periodic reviews and monitoring of their performance.
  • Working safely is a prerequisite for working at Can Automotive. For this reason, Can Otomotiv requires all its employees to work safely.
  • To reach zero work accident and occupational disease target; The risks arising from new operations, processes and engineering changes from our operations are identified and assessed, and these risks are eliminated and/or brought to an acceptable level through the studies conducted.
  • From the design phase of the products to the consumption process; All raw materials, packaging materials, machinery, equipment and promotional materials used are evaluated for their physical hazards and are subject to an approval process.
  • By creating Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs, important occupational health safety risks are revealed and targets for continuous improvement are determined.
  • On Occupational Health and Safety, the main performance indicators are measured and reported.
    During our activities or that may result in injury; all incidents and accidents are examined and necessary improvements are made to prevent a recurrence.
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